Care for a pet

You will need:

• A pet

• A bed, cage or home for your pet

• A food and drink container

• Pet food

Caring for a Pet

You can:

• Give your child some responsibility for caring for a pet, such as making sure it has food and water

• Let your child help with the pet’s care, such as cleaning the cage or washing the dog

• Encourage your child to play nicely with the pet

• Let your child help choose and name your new pet

You can also:

• Learn about your pet in books or on the internet

Did you know:

• That pets can help to fulfil the basic human need for touch.

• Pets bring increased sensitivity and awareness of the feelings and needs of others – both animals and humans.

What your child is learning:

• To connect with and care for animals

• To be aware of the needs and wants of their pet

• To be sensitive to non-verbal communication

• About love, nurture and acceptance

• That caring for a pet helps children to learn empathy and responsibility for another living thing

• How to be gentle

• That animals feel pain