Create a collage


You will need:

• Scraps of fabric, paper, magazine pictures, old cards, bottle tops

• Natural materials such as leaves, wool, shells, flowers (e.g. lavender or rosemary), dried herbs and spices

• Some paste or glue

• Large pieces of paper or cardboard


You can:

Tear or cut up the fabric, paper etc and glue these onto large pieces of paper or cardboard.

You can also:

• Use pieces of contact (duraseal) instead of paper and glue

• Glue collage materials to a cut out shape such as a tree or star

• Make Christmas decorations

• Make a birthday card

• Glue fabric and buttons to a cut out shape of a person

• Make something with a friend

Did you know:

• You can make paste/glue with 2 parts flour and 1 part water. Just slowly add the water to the flour and mix to a smooth consistency(

• You can use old boxes etc for cardboard

• You can get useful junk from the resource centre

What your child is learning:

• Different ways to be expressive and creative

• Skills and confidence with the processes of art and craft

• How to work with different art materials

• About colour, texture, shape, size, position

• To experiment and take risks

• To make choices