Take a train or bus ride

You will need:

• Some money for the fare

• A timetable

• To know your local railway station and/or bus stop


Take a ride and while you do:

• Let your child hand over the ticket or pay the money

• Let your child choose a seat (if possible)

• Enjoy the experience

• Look at what you don’t usually see (industrial areas, graffiti, animals)

• Do some people watching

• Talk about the experience (e.g. different types of transport, wheels, fuel, speed, movement, or people’s jobs)

You can also:

• Combine your trip with a visit to a park

• Pack a picnic

• Visit someone

• Take a photo, draw a picture or write a story about the experience and hang it on the fridge or give it to someone special

Did you know:

• Travel is free for children under 5 years of age accompanied by a fare-paying passenger.

• Field trips give children a welcome break from routine.

What your child is learning:

• About how our world works (e.g. transport or going to work)

• A knowledge of the local features of the land and community

• A level of understanding and ability to gather information through first-hand experience