Read a book with your child

You will need:

  • Some great children’s books that you can enjoy with your child. (You can get these from the library for free).
  • To make some time to read with your child without interruptions.
Read a Book with your child


You can:

  • Choose a book with your child
  • Find a nice cosy place to enjoy the book together
  • Take your time and have fun together
  • Talk about the pictures
  • Give your child a chance to guess what might come next
  • Pause so your child can finish the sentence
  • Use different voices and volumes
  • Be prepared to read the book over and over (and over) again – children do not tire of great story books
  • Make your home a place where reading is valued and fun
  • You can make story books with your child using their own photos and experiences
  • You can make up stories with your child and turn these into a book


You can also:

  • Read to your child before they go to bed as this helps to settle them
  • Look through a magazine together
  • Look up something of interest to your child on the internet and read about it together (e.g. animals, dinosaurs, a recipe, weather, solar system etc)
  • Look up story books on YouTube
  • Give books as presents or ask for books as presents
  • Build up a collection of your favourite books to make a home library
  • Translate some popular simple children’s books into your first language


Did you know:

  • You can get some books in multiple languages – ask at your local library
  • Reading the same books over and over again reinforces children’s learning and helps their memory
  • When your child sees you reading, your child learns that reading is not only important but enjoyable and they are more likely to want to read for themselves


What your child is learning:

  • A love of reading
  • Pictures and words tell a story
  • To imagine and predict
  • To connect ideas
  • That reading books can be pleasurable
  • That books can teach