What we do

Success for Little People (SfLP) is a collaborative initiative aimed625688_593424384019279_298425209_n.000 at increasing learning opportunities for children under 5 years and to provide support for parents/whanau to enable their children to successfully engage with early learning and transition successfully to school.

The long term goal of the SfLP initiative is that all 5 year olds are enrolled in school, ready for school and attending every day, supported by their families.

The aim of SfLP is 4-fold:

  1. For parents and whanau to develop an understanding of the significance of early learning and appreciation of its importance; to be skilled and empowered to support their children’s learning through talking, reading and supporting their learning; and to enjoy learning with their children.
  2. For children under 5 to be receptive and engaged in foundational learning; for any health obstacles to learning (e.g. toileting, glue ear, eye sight) to be dealt with prior to starting school; transition successfully to school and be set up for positive lifelong learning.
  3. To provide community fieldworkers with information and resources to support parents and whanau around the early learning needs of their children within the home.
  4. To raise awareness around the importance of parental engagement in early years learning and the links between poverty, health, learning and achievement.