Build a hut


You will need:

• A blanket or sheet

• A structure to hang the blanket/sheet over such as a table or chair

• Cushions

• Pegs, string

You can:

Hang the blanket or sheet over the structure and secure with string or pegs to make the hut.

Climb in with your child and enjoy the fun.

You can also:

• Add a torch

• Put some stick-on hooks on the wall and attach a string so that you can make a tent

• Have a sleep-over in the tent

• Have a picnic inside

• Hang the blanket or sheet over branches in a tree to create a hut outside

Did you know:

• Large boxes make great huts, especially world

What your child is learning:

• How to use their imagination

• To plan, create, modify and improve

• To think logically

• To improvise

• To solve problems and create solutions

• That trying things out, exploration and curiosity are important and valued