Participate in household chores

You will need:

• To make opportunities for your child to help

• To be patient, even though it is often quicker to do things yourself

• To supervise

• To offer real household cleaning instruments (dusters, clothes or broom)

• To praise efforts

• To accept that accidents happen and support your child’s efforts


Chores to choose from:

• Setting table

• Clearing table

• Wiping surfaces

• Sweeping

• Picking up toys

• Hanging up simple pieces of washing (e.g. socks)

• Folding washing

• Putting clothes in the dirty washing pile, bag or basket

• Putting washing away

• Washing own face

• Helping to make beds

Did you know:

By allowing your child to make mistakes they are challenged to try new approaches and do things differently the next time.

What your child is learning:

• To pay attention, maintain concentration and be involved

• A sense of personal self worth

• Skills in caring for the environment, such as cleaning, fixing, gardening and helping others

• To take responsibility for others

• To be an active participant at home and in their community