How to support your child’s basic needs

Support your child by:

• Talking with your child

• Having fun together

• Listening to your child

• Responding to your child

• Having lots of eye contact

• Caring for your child’s needs

• Giving full attention

• Ensuring safety

• Noticing what your child likes doing

• Being patient

• Providing resources

• Providing time, space, and opportunity

• Giving positive reinforcement

• Giving clear boundaries

• Having conversations

• Asking questions

• Sharing information

• Guiding and supporting your child in their efforts

• Celebrating with your child

• Sharing a joke

• Enjoying your child

• Enrolling your child at school

I’m nearly 5

A brochure with simple tips to help get your child ready for school.
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Growing great talkers

We talk every day, but the way you talk to your child makes a big difference in how well they learn to talk. This guide will show you how you can grow your child into a great talker through everyday conversations.
Print and put up on the wall or fridge.
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