Name our feelings

Some feelings are:

Happy, Sad, Glad, Angry, Excited, Anxious, Confident, Nervous, Frightened, Scared, Joyful,

Thankful, Peaceful, Frustrated, Surprised, Loved,Pleased, Proud, Friendly, Mad, Jealous,

Hurt, Amazed, Startled, Puzzled, Worried, Confused, Quiet, Willing, Helpful, Relaxed


You can:

• Identify and name feelings

• Talk about feelings when they occur

• Talk about ways to manage feelings in an appropriate way (e.g. when sharing toys, when hungry or tired, when wanting to hit)

• Talk about feelings before or after an important event (e.g. before going to the doctor, tangi, starting school, going somewhere new or a new baby)

You can also:

• Make a feelings chart with pictures. Your child can put a marker on the picture that shows how they are feeling

• Use photos or magazine cut outs for pictures of feelings

• Use google images/cartoons or stickers for pictures of feelings

• Set some family rules about how to express feelings honestly and lovingly

• Make a chart of ways to calm down when feelings get strong

Did you know:

• Emotions need to be felt, heard and expressed before they can be addressed

• Understanding the wide range of feelings helps children to make sense of the world around us

What your child is learning:

• An ability to identify their own emotional responses and those of others

• The confidence and ability to express emotional needs in an appropriate way

• To trust that their emotional needs will be responded to