Have a picnic

You will need:

  • A blanket
  • A basket
  • Non-breakable cups, plates, bowls
  • Some simple food, e.g. sandwiches, fruit, carrot sticks, cookies
  • Water to drink

You can:

  • Start with a picnic in your backyard
  • Find a shady spot, set up your picnic and enjoy the experience

You can also:

  • Take a train ride to a picnic spot
  • Have a teddy bears’ picnic
  • Make a hut and have a picnic inside
  • Have a tea party picnic
  • Invite a friend to your picnic

Did you know:

Having something as simple as a picnic can be an exciting occasion for your child. Many adults have fond memories of having picnics in their childhood.

What your child is learning:

  • About planning, preparing and organising a social occasion
  • The pleasure of sharing experiences with others
  • About the world around them
  • That people, places, smells and sounds can be different from those at home.