Put on a talent show

You will need:

• Instruments (real or home-made)

• Music

• Props (e.g. something for a microphone, invitations, programmes)Talent-Show

• Costumes

• A designated space for the stage

• Audience (e.g. you, teddy bears and toys, neighbours)

You can:

• Support your child to organise and put on a show. Suggest ideas and let them choose the direction once they get going

• Participate in ways directed by your child

• Clap and be enthusiastic

You can also:

• Invite family members and/or neighbours

• Put on some items yourself

• Have a fashion show

• Put on a puppet show

Did you know:

When children are acting they are making sense of their world and their place in it.

What your child is learning:

• An awareness of their own special strengths and confidence that these are recognised and valued

• That music, art, drama, and dance can amuse, delight, comfort, explain, inform and excite

• To create, organise, involve, improvise, entertain

• To express themselves