You will need:

• Something to draw with (pens, pencils, chalk, crayons or pastels)

• Something to draw on (cardboard, paper, leaves, black paper, textured paper or corrugated card, plastic)

You can:

Set up the equipment on a table, floor, fence or outside on the ground and let your child create.

You can also:

• Use old boxes etc for cardboard to draw on (open out old cereal boxes)

• Draw on concrete with chalk

• Have your child lie down on a piece of paper or on the concrete and draw around them to colour in

• Draw around your child’s hands

• Try a self portrait

• Draw your family

• Draw in the sand

• Draw Christmas decorations

• Draw a birthday card

• Draw something with a friend

Did you know:

• Drawing is one way for a child to express their ideas, thoughts, feelings and experiences. This is also a first step towards making symbols that become letters and then words that people can read. This is the start of writing

• You can make a blackboard with blackboard paint and plywood off cuts

What your child is learning:

• How to use tools for art and writing

• About lines, curves, circles, squiggles, shading, light/dark, thick/thin

• To tell a story through markings on a page

• To use art to express a feeling, mood, situation, occasion and their culture