Paint a picture

You will need:

• Paper

• Paint

• Brushes

• Container of water to clean brushes

• Newspaper

• Old clothes


You can:

Set up the equipment on a table, floor, fence or outside on the ground and let your child create.

You can also:

• Use other materials to paint with instead of brushes (e.g. feathers, sticks, leaves, old kitchen sponges or old toothbrushes)

• Use old deodorant bottles to roll paint

• Hang large pieces of paper on a fence and make a mural

• Paint on newspaper

• Put watered down paint in a spray bottle to spray paint

• Use fingers to finger paint

• Paint things that have been constructed using junk

• Paint your bodies (and make hand and foot prints)

Did you know:

That you only need three colours (red, yellow and blue) to make all the colours of the rainbow.

What your child is learning:

• To think creatively

• To express themselves with or without words

• Critical-thinking skills for making decisions about what works and what doesn’t

• There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way in the arts

• To be proud of their unique and artistic expression

• To use painting tools

• About colour and the mixing of colours