Run around

You will need:

Space and time


You can:

  • Play chasey
  • Have races
  • Wrestle (gently) with your child
  • Roly poly down a small hill

You can also:

  • See if you can do some running in the local school field
  • Be noisy – yell instructions to each other across a field
  • Provide a ball and/or a bat for more organised games

Did you know:

  • Rough and tumble play allows children to take risks safely
  • Simple physical activities build foundational skills for reading, writing and maths
  • When children are active in their bodies their brains are also active and developing

For more information and ideas you can go to these websites:

What your child is learning:

  • Physical strength and skill
  • Coordination
  • How to move their body in space
  • Their capabilities and limitations
  • To keep fit