Swing and spin

You will need:

  • Space to move
  • A swing if you have one
  • Room to safely spin on the spot and fall down dizzy

You can:

  • Use a swing to swing backwards and forwards
  • Swirl and un-twirl on a swing
  • Spin on the spot until you are dizzy, then try walking

You can also:

  • Use a large rope with a knot at the end over a strong tree branch for a rope swing
  • Sing ‘row, row, row your boat’ while holding your child’s hands, swinging them backwards and forwards. You can do this sitting and facing each other or with your child standing between your legs
  • Swing, spin and twirl to music

Did you know:

Gentle rocking, spinning and other physical movement through space helps children’s brain development and their ability to pay attention, because this stimulates the vestibular (inner ear) system.


What your child is learning:

  • Coordination
  • Concentration
  • What their bodies are capable of doing
  • Self regulation and the ability to calm themselves