Create an obstacle course

You will need:

• Things to climb over, under and through

• Rope

• Planks to balance on

• Big boxes

• Hula hoops or tyres

• Cones

• Blankets

• Table and chairs

• Stools

• Cardboard/paper/plastic

• Buckets

• Cushions


You can:

Use the equipment you have to create an exciting obstacle course for your child that encourages doing any or all of the following:

• Hop

• Run

• Jump

• Skip

• Kick

• Slide

• Crawl

• Crab walk

• Zig-zag

• Balance

• Go under / over / through / between

• Move backwards / sideways / forwards

You can also:

• Use the rope on the ground as a balancing tightrope

• Create a circle on the ground with a hula-hoop or rope that your child can jump into

• Create a team obstacle course

Did you know:

The language of an obstacle course uses basic mathematical concepts such as under, over, through etc.

These sites have great ideas for developing different skills – climbing, jumping, balancing etc.

Obstacle courses are great for children with special needs such as Autism.

What your child is learning:

• Important muscle skills, endurance, confidence and co-operation

• How their bodies move in space

• Balance and co-ordination

• To follow and remember directions

• Positional language such as under, over, through, across, beneath, around, backwards

• Physical skills such as hopping, jumping, crawling and climbing