Create a story of me: make a scrapbook journal

You will need:

• A scrapbook or exercise book

• Pens, crayons, felts, glue

• Some family knowledge

• Photos and memories


You can:

Start with making a title page with your child’s name and other important information such as their birthdate. Your child might like to decorate this page, or draw their portrait. You could add a photograph.

You can also:

• Include important information on your child, such as their physical characteristics and family connections

• Include their likes, what they are interested in, what they are good at doing

• Include important people, places and events in your child’s life

• Add photos, your child’s drawings, tickets from outings – anything that is precious to keep and will promote good memories

Did you know:

• Get other people to contribute a page to the scrapbook. This may be about your child, or about themselves and their relationship with your child. This could also be about an outing with your child

• Include important things about your family culture and traditions

• Create a photo album just for your child so that they can access it themselves

• Add to the scrapbook often, with stories, pictures or photographs of special events, outings, movies, drawings etc

• Creating a scrapbook with caring adults can help a child to feel special and connected

• We often remember moments more than days

What your child is learning:

• They are unique and special

• A sense of “who they are” and their place in their family and the world

• About relationships between people, places and events

• To go back to special moments and remember what happened. This helps with thinking and recall

• To make choices and organise information