Learn some rhymes

You will need:

A knowledge of, or copies of simple rhymes:

  • You may remember these from your childhood (e.g. nursery rhymes)
  • You may find some on the internet or in books at your local library
Learn Some Rhymes


You can:

Learn and recite some simple rhymes with your child.


You can also:

  • Make up some simple rhymes and raps on everyday things
  • Write up some rhymes on paper/card or in a scrapbook so your child can go back to these and read them on their own
  • Make a game with rhymes such as ‘What rhymes with cat?’


Did you know:

Reciting rhymes helps children to learn about the structure of words.


What your child is learning:

  • To have a playful interest in repetitive sounds and words
  • To hear word endings
  • That rhythm, rhyme and repetition are part of language
  • To anticipate final words
  • That nonsense stories and rhymes can be fun
  • That they can create simple poetry and songs
  • To memorise and recall