Tell stories

You will need:tell stories

A willingness to tell real life and imaginary stories


You can:

  • Talk with your child about your day, ask them about their day
  • Tell your child stories of your own childhood, life experiences, your whanau and whakapapa and the places that you came from
  • Make up stories – ‘once upon a time’


You can also:

  • Tell the myths and legends of your culture, religion and/or traditions
  • Ask your child to tell you a story


Did you know:

  • Listening to stories helps your child to learn about the flow of language and this will help them to understand how sentences come together when they begin to read
  • Children can enjoy the same story over and over again


What your child is learning:

  • How to use verbal communication skills in different situations
  • A range of vocabulary which is important for reading
  • That verbal communication can be fun and comforting
  • That they can communicate ideas and information to others