Write a card or email

You will need:

  • Paper and pens (or a digital device)
  • Someone to send a note to
Write a Card or Email


You can:

  • Choose someone significant in your child’s life to write to
  • Ask your child what they would like to say and write this for them
  • Encourage your child to copy your words, write over them or write their own words, name, or scribble to go with their message
  • Encourage the person receiving the message to send a reply to your child


You can also:

  • Get your child to draw in the card (or add a photo to the email)
  • Add kisses and cuddles symbols (xxx ooo)
  • Glue a picture to the card
  • Put the card in an envelope, address this and then go to the post office and post the card
  • Have paper and pens/pencils available for your child to make cards when they want to (with glue and pictures)


Did you know:

Your child will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment by giving something they have made


What your child is learning:

  • That print has meaning and purpose
  • To communicate through print
  • To use letters and words in a context that has meaning to them
  • To think about what they want to say
  • To organise their thoughts