Bake a cake

You will need:

• A recipe

• Cooking utensils and oven

• Ingredients


You can:

• Choose and read the recipe together

• Get out all the ingredients and talk about each step with your child. Use the correct terms for ingredients, measurements and processes

• Bake and watch

• Clean up

• Taste and enjoy

You can also:

• Shop together for the ingredients beforehand

• Look up recipes in books, on the internet, or at the library

• Give a cake (or piece of cake) to someone else

Did you know:

Baking is not only fun but it is a great learning experience for children. It requires planning, preparation, following instructions and patience, as well as measuring and counting. Not only this, there is a great product at the end of the process.

What your child is learning:

• About measurement, mixing, creating, size, colour, consistency, cause and effect, time, sequence

• Life skills