Buy groceries together

You will need:

• Paper and pen or pencil to make a shopping list


You can:

• Involve your child in making a shopping list of what you need to buy

• When you are at the supermarket, ask your child to find some of the items on your list

You can also:

• Use the supermarket flyers to look for specials of the items you will need

• Use mathematical language, such as big or small, numbers of, low, middle or high shelf, left or right, front or back, patterns, colours and shapes

• Look for symbols and letters

• Make a game out of the experience – ‘I spy with my little eye…’

• Look for items that begin with the same letter as your child’s name

• Make it a treat to take just one child with you

• Go shopping at your local garden store for punnets of vegies, flower seedlings or herbs for about $1 each (and then have fun planting them together and watching them grow)

Did you know:

You can say no!!

It is best not to go shopping when your child is tired and hungry (or you are!).

What your child is learning:

• Knowledge about the wider world, such as the supermarket, where food comes from, money etc.

• Roles and responsibilities

• Making choices and decisions

• Vocabulary such as: enough or not enough, how many, later, next, empty, full, frozen, fresh etc.

• Processes such as planning and then doing

• Helping skills