Did you know

Did you know?

A new-born’s brain is about 25% of its approximate adult weight.

By the age of 3, a baby’s brain has reached almost 90% of its adult size.


Did you know?

The difference in the number of words a child is exposed to in a day can vary from 616 words per hour to 2,153 words per hour.

The difference (1,537 words per hour x 10 hours per day x 365 days x 5 years) = 28 million words difference by the start of school.


Did you know?

Reading books to children is great but having “rich conversations” with pre-schoolers – reminding them of things they already know and asking them questions to slowly build on that – is even more important.


Did you know?

How you can read 1,000 books in a year to your child?

The average picture book takes 5 minutes to read.

Read 3 books a day = 15 minutes

Read 3 books a day for a year = 1,095 books in one year.

It’s easy!


Did you know?

The most important thing parents/caregivers can do to help make their child a superstar learner is to TALK with them.


Did you know?

The brain is primarily a social machine, built to lock onto other people and learn by watching, imitating and interacting.


Did you know?

Being able to read by the age of 8 is a major indicator of future education success.

Literacy builds on spoken language; the more words children hear, and then use themselves, the better equipped they are for reading.

The number of words children are exposed to influences their literacy.

Children learn to read on the laps of their parents.  The more words they hear, the more they can use.