Fact and fiction summary

1. Fiction:

Learning only begins at school10402998_10202698297012609_10074920325958078_n


  • Parents are the first teachers
  • Talking, reading and singing is a natural and important part of learning
  • A lack of early learning experiences leads to lack of ‘school readiness’

2. Fiction:

English is best


  • The families’ first language is best used as this allows full expression of concepts and ideas
  • Talking, reading and singing is a natural and important part of learning
  • A child can transfer knowledge from their first language into the new language
  • The first language in the home is the one that offers the child the most opportunities for learning
  • First languages play a key part in culture, sense of identity and positive self-esteem

3. Fiction:

Health is not connected to learning


  • Health encompasses the physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing of a child
  • Early identification and management of health issues is the key to a successful, happy child
  • The more health risks students have, the more likely they will be academically challenged
  • Improvement of even a single health risk factor could improve these children’s long term learning outcomes

4. Fiction:

If you don’t have to, you don’t need to.


  • The child’s right to an education is protected by law
  • There are shared responsibilities defined by law for parents and schools


5. Fiction:

Just turn up at school on the day you turn five


  • Daily attendance is linked to successful life outcomes
  • Children need to be enrolled before their first day
  • Children will have the best start possible if they are prepared and confident
  • Every day is important